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Project Description
LogSubstPol is a TFS check-in policy which insertes the check-in comments and other keywords into your source code, so you can keep track of the changes even if you are not connected to TFS.
It can be compared with the $log$ (and other) substitition in any other CVS systems.

Download (VS2010):
Download (VS2008):

It will replace the $log$ line with very freely configurable lines which contains the comment from the Check-In dialog.
Keyword expansion for $Author$, $Source$, $Date$, $Id$, $Header$, $RCSFile$, $PrevRevision$, $Revision$ is also available.

You can use this editor to configure the $log$ lines (normally, you do not need to change anything):

Full documentation is available here: LogSubstPol_v1.0.0.3.pdf

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Quick Install

Install the plugin

Choose one of the following two topics:
  1. Manual installation (easy)
Execute “Install\Install.cmd” on each TFS client computer. This will install the check-in policy in the users-context.
  1. With TFS Power Tools (more complicated but better)
Install “TFS Power Tools” on every TFS client computer. Create a TFS folder “$/{Project}/TeamProjectConfig/CheckinPolicies” and add and check-in the “LogSubstPol.dll” file into this directory. Go to “Team Explorer|{Project}|Team members|Right-click|Personal settings…” and check “Install downloaded custom components” and uncheck “verify strong names before installing components”. Press “Download Now” and press Ok”.

Optional: Install a common configuration file

For better consistency regarding the $log$ entries, you should use a project-wide configuration file. This configuration file must be stored in the folder “$/{Project}/TeamProjectConfig/CheckinPolicies” with the name “LogSubstPolSetting.xml”. Various sample configuration file are available in the “example” folder. Please check-in one of these files.

If no file is checked-in, the local configuration will be used.

Activate the check-in policy

You must once activate this policy for each TFS project. Open Visual Studio and go to “Team Explorer|Right click on {Project}|Team Projects Settings|Source Control…|Check-In Policies” and select “Log Substitution Policy: Inserts Comments on Check-In” and click on “activate”.
Optional you can now change the settings for this check-in policy.

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