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Use last server changeset+1


Rather than use a file's last changset number and show "+1", our team decided that we would accept the small risk that collisions would occur during simultaneous checkins, in order to use the last changeset number given to any file in TFS, and add one. This is the closest approximation to inserting the actual, known changeset number into the file.
So the previous file revision might be 1000. In the interim, many other changes were checked in for other files. The last changeset number in TFS is now 2000. When the check-in policy runs immediately prior to a new checkin, it gets the last changeset number (2000), adds 1, and puts 2001 in the file.
Our team decided that if you knew there was a small risk that the changeset number might be off because of the gap between the time the checkin policy is executed and the time the checkin is executed, then that would require knowing basically the same thing as knowing that "1000+1" actually meant "some changeset that is greater than 1000".
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jkalmbach wrote Jun 24, 2013 at 2:49 PM

Resolved with changeset 85504.